Welcome to our online portal! Here we provide you with information and advice on all issues concerning HIV, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases. We are also there if you want to talk about sexuality, sexual orientation or drug use.

We give you advice anonymously and free of charge. We also ensure the protection of your data. You can send us your questions by email or you can book an appointment for an online chat counseling session. Your email inquiry will be answered within three business days.

We appreciate your feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. Please email werner.bock@dah.aidshilfe.de.

Our Counseling-Topics

Our counselors have in-depth knowledge of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. They regularly undergo further training and thus always give the most up-to-date advice. They are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi, trans*, HIV-negative, HIV-positive and know about and understand different ways of life. Our principle is not to judge behavior, but to support those seeking advice when taking their own decisions regarding health and sexuality.